100 Great Iowa Nurses Committee …

The 100 Great Iowa Nurses Committee works throughout the year to raise awareness about the program, increase sponsorship and award support, manage the nomination process, and help finalize the 100 Great Iowa Nurses each year.

100 Great Iowa Nurses nominations are divided geographically and “blinded” for anonymity. The nominations are then sent to reviewers, who are previous honorees from all around the state. The first round of reviewers narrow the nominee pool using our scoring system. The final 100 are selected by the 100 Great Iowa Nurses Committee.

Jennifer Nutt, DNP, RN
Jennifer Nutt, DNP, RNIowa Hospital Association
Jennifer Nutt is the director of nursing and clinical services for the Iowa Hospital Association. She also serves as the director of the Iowa Organization of Nurse Leaders.
Lorinda Inman, RN, BSN
Lorinda Inman, RN, BSNIowa Nurses Foundation
Lorinda Inman serves as chair of the Iowa Nurses Foundation.
Ronda Keenan, MSN, RN
Ronda Keenan, MSN, RNIowa Organization of Nurse Leaders
Ronda Keenan is past president of the Iowa Organization of Nurse Leaders. She is also an associate professor of nursing at Briar Cliff University.
Jann Ricklefs, PhD, RN
Jann Ricklefs, PhD, RNIowa Nurses Association
Jann Ricklefs is currently president of the Iowa Nurses Association. She is also a visiting professor at the Chamberlain College of Nursing.
Larry Newman, RN, DNP
Larry Newman, RN, DNPIowa Nurse Practitioner Society
Larry Newman is a board-certified adult/geriatric nurse practitioner who is a member of the Iowa Nurse Practitioner Society, chairing the scholarship and grant committee.
Liz Swanson, PhD, RN
Liz Swanson, PhD, RNUniversity of Iowa College of Nursing
Elizabeth Swanson is associate professor and director of external relations at the University of Iowa College of Nursing.
Jeri Babb, RN, MSN, CCRN, CEN
Jeri Babb, RN, MSN, CCRN, CENIowa Emergency Nurses Association
Jeri Babb is currently member-at-large for the Iowa Emergency Nurses Association. She is also the director of emergency services and trauma at Mercy Des Moines.