Education Award Winners …

Congrats to our 2019 education award recipients:

  • Laura Budde
  • Megan Hart-Fernandez

Not only does the 100 Great Iowa Nurses program recognize outstanding nurses, but we also offer financial education awards to students to further their nursing education.

Read about just a few of our recent winners and how this funding has helped them move forward in their careers …

Laura Budde, RN, BSN
The University of Iowa College of Nursing: DNP Program
100 Great Iowa Nurses Education Award Recipient 2019

“I feel very fortunate that I will be able to concentrate on my clinical rotations and study for the board exam this summer rather than worrying about finances. It takes a village to get through graduate school, and I am so grateful to the 100 Great Iowa Nurses Committee for their support!” 

Megan Hart-Fernandez, DNP
The University of Iowa: Post-Grad Psych-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Certificate
100 Great Iowa Nurses Education Award Recipient 2019

“I am so thankful for the receipt of this scholarship! I am a family nurse practitioner, and this continuing education will allow me to take the examination to become certified in psych-mental health. Once certified,  I will be able to better treat patients with mental health disorders as well as teach future nurse practitioners psych-mental health coursework, helping to provide a solution to the shortage of both mental health practitioners and nursing faculty in Iowa.  Thank you!”

Sandra Scholten, FNP-BC, CCD
The University of Iowa: DNP Candidate
100 Great Iowa Nurses Education Award Recipient 2018

“This financial award is helping me achieve my career goals at the recommended pace of the University of Iowa DNP program plan of study. Without this assistance, I would be unable to take the recommended courses while simultaneously meeting financial obligations for my family. I am so grateful. Thank you!”

Daniel Holthaus, RN, BSN
The University of Iowa: DNP Candidate
100 Great Iowa Nurses Education Award Recipient 2018

“I am currently enrolled at the University of Iowa in the Doctor of Nurse Practice (DNP) program, and this scholarship will assist me in covering tuition, books, and associated fees. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the program for assisting me on this part of my educational journey. This award will truly help me achieve so much in terms of education.”

Dawn Bowker, RN, MSN, ARNP, WHNP-BC
New Mexico State University: PhD Candidate
100 Great Iowa Nurses Education Award Recipient 2017

“With gratitude, I want thank 100 Great Iowa Nurses for the financial support for my research on HPV and cervical cancer knowledge, beliefs, and preventive behaviors among Lakota women living on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The Financial Education Award will assist with deferring the participant reimbursement and travel expenses for my dissertation. Support from 100 Great Iowa Nurses to expand nursing knowledge is empowering. It is a privilege to contribute to new nursing knowledge and expand on cultural understanding and the influences for preventive measures among Lakota women.”

Tenaea Jeppeson, RN, BSN
Allen College: MSN Candidate
100 Great Iowa Nurses Education Award Recipient 2017

“I began my career working with children with disabilities while pursuing a nursing education. After moving back to my hometown, I continued my nursing education at Iowa Central Community College and began working as a Mental Health Technician on Hope Harbor, an inpatient geriatric behavioral and mental health department, as well as serving as a CNA for homecare and hospice at Buena Vista Regional Medical Center. While working full time, I obtained my bachelor’s in health science. I am now continuing my education at Allen College and will be graduating with a master’s in nursing in May 2018 to become a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP). My passion is to help fill a healthcare gap by providing services to people suffering from psychiatric and mental health illnesses. The 100 Great Iowa Nurses Financial Education Award will assist this goal, relieving some of the financial stress by enabling me to go part time at work and allowing me to focus on my last year of school. Words cannot express how thankful I am to receive this award. I am truly grateful to everyone who has helped me every step of the way.”

Trudy Laffoon, MA, RN-BC
University of Iowa College of Nursing: DNP Candidate
100 Great Iowa Nurses Education Award Recipient 2017

“I am so excited and grateful to receive this educational award from the 100 Great Iowa Nurses.  The financial support provided will help offset expenses for me while obtaining my doctoral degree – the fulfillment of a lifelong goal. Since graduating from St. Luke’s Methodist Hospital School of Nursing in Cedar Rapids, I have continued my education by obtaining my bachelor of science and master of arts in nursing degrees. I have worked at UI Hospitals & Clinics my entire career, and am currently an ambulatory care registered nurse manager. As healthcare continues to move more and more to the outpatient setting, opportunities for nurses and nursing leaders are expanding exponentially. I am already applying what I am learning in my practice setting to the benefit of nurses and patients. I also serve as adjunct nursing and health science faculty at Kirkwood Community College, helping to educate and prepare future nurses, medical assistants, and other healthcare providers. Learning, advocating, teaching, leading – all of these things continue to excite me as I pursue higher education and as I look forward to graduating with my doctorate in nursing practice in May 2019.”

Taren Flug, BSN, RN
University of Iowa College of Nursing: AG-DNP Candidate
100 Great Iowa Nurses Education Award Recipient 2016

“I am an adult gerontology doctorate of nursing practice student, soon to graduate in May 2016. I have a passion in serving the elderly. With higher level graduate training in health promotion, disease management and a focus on developing a treatment plan around the patient’s desires, I will address the needs of the growing older adult population as an active participant.

Completing my graduate education has taken a large commitment of time and energy, but also comes with a large financial obligation. I am so appreciative to the 100 Great Iowa Nurses program for providing me with a financial award. I have had to make many personal sacrifices through the last five years to accommodate my education. I am certain my graduate studies are well worth it and will facilitate me to fulfill bigger and better accomplishments.”

Danielle Berglund, RN-BSN
University of Iowa College of Nursing: DNP Candidate
100 Great Iowa Nurses Education Award Recipient 2016

“I am so grateful for the financial assistance provided by this generous scholarship from the 100 Great Iowa Nurses.  I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders after hearing the news of this award! I was very concerned about how I was going to pay for my summer class this year because I wanted to avoid taking out a student loan.  The entirety of this scholarship will be financing my summer class, allowing me to spend less time stressing and spend more time studying.  This scholarship has had a great impact on my education and I truly appreciate this award.  Thank you for supporting the education of Iowa nurses!”

Erica Davisson, RN, BSN, BC-CV
University of Iowa College of Nursing: PhD Nursing Candidate
100 Great Iowa Nurses Education Award Recipient 2015

“Financial assistance from the generous sponsors of the 100 Great Iowa Nurses program is extremely beneficial to the advancement of my education. I am so blessed to be able to continue working part-time at the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics during my full-time coursework; working with patients is very important to me. This scholarship lightens my financial burden, which will allow me to focus less on my finances and more on patient care, learning, and nursing research. In the end, I will be able to look back and proudly say that the 100 Great Iowa Nurses program ensured my educational attainment, which led to advances in nursing research and better patient care.”

Julie Wiebold, RN, CCRN
Mount Mercy University: RN-BSN Candidate
100 Great Iowa Nurses Education Award Recipient 2015

“I would like to express my gratitude in receiving the financial support from the 100 Great Nurses education award fund. It is an honor to receive the scholarship and to have my name associated with such a great organization. This scholarship will help to reduce my financial burden and allow me to focus on my studies and my nursing career. Thank you in assisting me to further my nursing education and advance my career.”

Manuel Hernandez, RN, BSN, BC-CV
Iowa Western Community College: ADN Candidate
100 Great Iowa Nurses Education Award 2015

“Receiving this award not only lessened my school expense, but also informed me about a great organization that we have in Iowa. Now that I know about 100 Great Nurses in Iowa, I can inform others about the organization as well. I can’t wait for my education to begin at IWCC, and hope that I, too, can one day be a male representative of the 100 Great Nurses in Iowa through my empathy, care, and attention to detail to both my patients and their families. With the help from 100 Great Nurses of Iowa, my schooling costs won’t be stressful and I hope to focus more on my studies. I also hope that one day I can become a member of the 100 Great Nurses board.”

Jessica Rozek, BSN, RN
Walden University: Master of Science in Nursing Education Candidate
100 Great Iowa Nurses Education Award Recipient 2014

“I have committed wholeheartedly to my MSN studies. I am excited to learn and transform nursing education in the future. I continue to attend Walden University, remaining dedicated to my studies, so I can obtain my degree by the end of 2014.

The financial burden of attaining an advanced degree is significant, so the support of programs and scholarships is very helpful. I greatly appreciate the scholarship award from 100 Great Iowa Nurses, and applied the money directly toward the cost of my tuition.

Affording my education helps me persevere with enthusiasm so I will soon be equipped with all the knowledge to be a full-time educator and teach our future nurses.”

Derick Mbacham
Grand View University: BSN Candidate
100 Great Iowa Nurses Education Award Recipient 2014

“To me, the scholarship award represents caring, love, networking, and giving back to the community. This scholarship has helped reduce my tuition burden, as well as connect me with other great Iowa nurses. I had the opportunity to do a volunteer internship at UnityPoint in Des Moines with some of the top geriatric clinical specialists I met at the 100 Great Iowa Nurses Celebration. This scholarship has given me an opportunity to broaden my horizons in my nursing career and to become a great nurse.”