Our History …

The 100 Great Iowa Nurses program identifies 100 outstanding nurses every year whose courage, competence, and commitment to patients and the nursing profession stand out above all others. These nurses go above and beyond to contribute significantly to the profession of nursing.

This program was initiated in 2005 by Melanie Dreher, who served as dean of the University of Iowa College of Nursing at that time. At the 2006 celebration, Victoria Hertko, chair of the Iowa Nurses Foundation, announced that the sponsorship money remaining after covering the cost of the celebration event would fund a new financial assistance program. Today, the 100 Great Iowa Nurses program promotes professional nursing in Iowa by financially supporting the continued education of future nurse leaders.

The University of Iowa College of Nursing is responsible for the program and celebration, but relies on the support and expertise of several organizations and associations around the state to make 100 Great Iowa Nurses happen each year.

100 Great Iowa Nurses 2006
100 Great Iowa Nurses 2014

Then & Now

On the left is a picture of the inaugural 100 Great Iowa Nurses Celebration, held in Des Moines at Drake University's Olmsted Center in May 2006. To compare, the photo on the right is at the 10th annual 100 Great Iowa Nurses Celebration, held at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines in May 2014.