Selection Process …

All nominations are reviewed:

Once all nominations are collected, they are “blinded” (names of individuals, organizations, cities, etc. are blacked out or abbreviated for anonymity). Nomination materials are then sent to a panel of reviewers – all past 100 Great Iowa Nurses honorees – from all around the state. Every attempt is made to geographically separate nominees from the reviewers in order to preserve anonymity. Each nomination is initially read by three reviewers.

The nominations are given a score of 1 (do not select), 2 (consider for selection), or 3 (definitely select). Reviewers look for very specific examples of qualities that demonstrate efforts beyond those expected of a nurse within his/her normal duties:

Concern for humanity

  • Tireless work efforts
  • Creative initiatives to promote health and comfort of others
  • Beating horrendous odds and demands

Contribution to profession

  • Dynamic impact on practice or community¬†outcomes through innovation and a high level of extraordinary care
  • Implementation of hospital-wide, cost-effective policy changes
  • Life-saving experience (physically or psychologically)
  • Impact on a number of people

Leadership & mentoring

  • Actively seeks to support nurses within the institution
  • Acts in a leadership role within the community
  • Serves as a role model for other health professionals
  • Promotes and advances the profession of nursing in a positive way

Final Selections:

The scores from the initial review are then averaged; those scoring 3s from all three reviewers are automatically selected as honorees. All nominees scoring below an average score of 2 are removed from consideration. The remaining nominations are reviewed by the 100 Great Iowa Nurses review committee, consisting of members from the Iowa Nurses Association, the Iowa Nurses Foundation, the Iowa Hospital Association, the Iowa Organization of Nurse Leaders, the Iowa Nurse Practitioner Society, the Iowa Emergency Nurses Association, and the University of Iowa College of Nursing. This committee selects the remaining honorees from the pool of nominees who received average scores of between 2 and 3 in the first review.